Meet Betsy

I have one son, Charlie, and based on the advice of doctors and friends we tried to let him “cry it out.” It didn’t work for our family. No one in our house was happy and my husband and I were exhausted and frustrated. When my son was six months old, I contacted a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® and the process worked wonders for my family. It helped us get our lives back to a new kind of “normal.” When your entire family is TIRED and you don’t know what to do- I can help.
All children are not the same. Depending on the child, different methods of sleep coaching work better than others. I teach you how to apply a method, consistently, in a way that is most beneficial to your child. I help parents understand how all of the following can affect sleep:
• Age
• Weight
• Medical conditions
• Temperament
• Feeding schedules
• Previous attempts at sleep training
The benefits of working with a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® are almost immediate. You will have a trained professional to educate, guide, and support your family. Imagine someone calling you tomorrow morning and asking how the night went and helping you figure out what the next step should be. I found the support made a huge difference for us, and I hope you will too.

Betsy Smith Barney
855-858-BABY (2229)