It Works!

It Works!

  • Lola Pearson

    When we welcomed our second child, a sweet baby girl, I thought I had all the answers about sleep training; however, that old adage about every baby is different couldn’t have been more true.  I found myself desperate for sleep and frazzled from hysterical crying at nap times.

    Betsy was a soothing and admirable sound board for our problems.  Within 10 days we had a completely new night time experience-  our little one was sleeping in her crib and finding comfort without us in the room.  If any of my new mom friends are struggling with sleep, calling Betsy is a MUST.  She made a seemingly hopeless situation seem manageable and helped us build a team around our daughter to provide healthy sleep habits.

    Haley Pearson

    mother of a 5 month old
  • Rachelle Maillet Oliphant pic

    Betsy is exactly what we needed to help Nathan sleep better! We read many books and blog sites for advice, but all the information was overwhelming.  Betsy is very informative about the options and helped us decide what would work best for our family.

    The best part about her coaching was knowing she would be there to support and guide us through it all.  Nathan is now sleeping 11-12 hours a night, takes great naps, and is a very happy baby!  Thank you, Betsy!

    Rachelle Maillet Oliphant

    mother of a 7 month old
  • Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.54.09 PM

    Before Betsy’s coaching, our entire family was exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed.  After Betsy’s coaching, peace was restored to our home.  Betsy is patient, supportive, devoted, and motivating.

    If you’re even considering her sleep coaching, I say GO FOR IT!

    Jackie Mahrou

    mother of a 12 month old
  • Sara Beyer

    As a first time mama, I relied on my midwife to guide me through a smooth pregnancy and natural birth.  I sought out a lactation consultant to send me on the right path for successful breastfeeding.  So too, I sought out Betsy to guide us in restfull sleep for the whole family.

    Betsy gently, but firmly, empowered us to help Luke sleep through the night.  As natural “attachment” parents we were looking for gentle, reliable, guidance.  Betsy provided all of that and more.

    Sara Beyer

    mother of a 12 month old
  • IMG_0025

    What you taught us to teach her is amazing.  Thank you for changing our lives!

    Tamara Fraser

    mother of a 6 month old
  • qy6r4nxd

    Thank you, Betsy, for helping us get our daughter back on track. She ended up in our bed almost every night and that meant sacrificing the only precious time my husband and I had together. Betsy gave us great information that worked really fast. We have our bed to ourselves again and Nicole is sleeping on her own every night. So happy that we are all getting the peaceful rest we need.

    Lenka Lesmerises

    mother of a 2 ½ year old
  • work2

    Thank you, Betsy! You were supportive, patient, and had great insights and suggestions. I needed your input, understanding, and advice- that’s exactly what you gave me. Your bring positive change to moms and dads lives, and you are a wonderful human being for doing so.”

    Katherine Gordon

    mother of 14 month old twins
  • work1

    Having Betsy help us with sleep coaching was just wonderful. She was open and encouraging. I would definitely recommend using the support system of a coach rather than just following the methods in a book. Teaching your little one the skill of good sleep is one of the most important things you can do. You will be so proud of him and yourself!” –

    Melissa Elkins

    mother of an 8 month old
  • work3

    Bravo to Kim West who provides new parents with simple, practical tips to help their babies sleep through the night! Sleep is not a luxury – it’s a medical necessity – especially for new parents. Kim carefully explains how one size doesn’t fit all, and she compassionately encourages parents to find the route that works well for them.”

    Dr Shoshana Bennett

    Ph.D., author, Postpartum Depression For Dummies and Pregnant on Prozac
  • West clearly understands that sleep is a process, both for the parent and the child. Her techniques match what babies and toddlers need – gradual transitions, consistent responses from parents, and a sense of security – so that they can eventually sleep on their own. West provides novel advice and practical methods to help parents make the best sleep choices for their family.”

    Maureen O’Brien

    PhD, author, Watch Me Grow: I’m One, Two, Three