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Traveling With Wee Ones

Lately, a variety of questions have popped up about traveling with wee ones. I’ve taken about 20 flights with my 16 month old (more than 1/2 were just the two of us). Here are my tips and tricks for a … Continue reading

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Is Hiring A Professional Sleep Coach Crazy? Maybe…

Many of you are thinking it- so let’s talk about it. Hiring a professional sleep coach. Really? Can’t people figure this out on their own? My husband and I didn’t consider ourselves professional sleep coach kind of people. Here is … Continue reading

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Welcoming a New Baby- If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

Before my son was born, I actually thought about NOT having my mom come and help. In hindsight, it’s laughable- but what did I know? I remember calling my step sister, Patty, and saying, “Mom’s offered to stay with us … Continue reading

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