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Haley Pearson

When we welcomed our second child, a sweet baby girl, I thought I had all the answers about sleep training; however, that old adage about every baby is different couldn’t have been more true.  I found myself desperate for sleep … Continue reading

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Rachelle Maillet Oliphant

Betsy is exactly what we needed to help Nathan sleep better! We read many books and blog sites for advice, but all the information was overwhelming.  Betsy is very informative about the options and helped us decide what would work … Continue reading

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Jackie Mahrou

Before Betsy’s coaching, our entire family was exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed.  After Betsy’s coaching, peace was restored to our home.  Betsy is patient, supportive, devoted, and motivating. If you’re even considering her sleep coaching, I say GO FOR IT!

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Sara Beyer

As a first time mama, I relied on my midwife to guide me through a smooth pregnancy and natural birth.  I sought out a lactation consultant to send me on the right path for successful breastfeeding.  So too, I sought … Continue reading

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Tamara Fraser

What you taught us to teach her is amazing.  Thank you for changing our lives!

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Traveling With Wee Ones

Lately, a variety of questions have popped up about traveling with wee ones. I’ve taken about 20 flights with my 16 month old (more than 1/2 were just the two of us). Here are my tips and tricks for a … Continue reading

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Is Hiring A Professional Sleep Coach Crazy? Maybe…

Many of you are thinking it- so let’s talk about it. Hiring a professional sleep coach. Really? Can’t people figure this out on their own? My husband and I didn’t consider ourselves professional sleep coach kind of people. Here is … Continue reading

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Welcoming a New Baby- If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

Before my son was born, I actually thought about NOT having my mom come and help. In hindsight, it’s laughable- but what did I know? I remember calling my step sister, Patty, and saying, “Mom’s offered to stay with us … Continue reading

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