<p>Is your family TIRED? As a certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, I help families with young children get the sleep you deserve. If your child is age 0-6 and sleep is a concern in your house - I can help.</p>

All children are not the same. I help parents understand the different factors that affect your children’s sleep. If your family is struggling with any of the following, please contact me:
• teaching baby to sleep a longer stretch at night
• learning how to handle night feeds & night sleep
• putting toddler to bed has become a “battle”
• little one wants to sleep in your bed or wants you to sleep in her bed
• transitioning from a “family bed” back to an “adult bed”
• teaching an older child to sleep on their own before a new baby arrives

Many families have experienced the benefits of working with me and practicing Gentle Sleep Coaching®. Contact me today and let me help your family get the sleep you deserve.

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